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    18 Volt Cordless Power Tools

    18 Volt Li-Ion Brushless Driver Drill

    18 Volt Li-Ion Brushless Hammer Drill



    ? High-performance intelligent controller that provides 10 times longer motor life and 2 times run time.
    ? 2-speed gearbox with variable speed switch.
    ? Intelligent controller is specially designed for precision machining and high performance/multifunction. It can set ±25RPM from the lowest speed of 250~500RPM by one step. Set ±100RPM from the highest speed of 600~2,000RPM by one step, which can be set according to the speed & torque required for working objects.
    ? Intelligent controller from 250~500RPM low speed design, specially for professional slow tapping objects.
    ? Compact size in the expert grade only 185mm length. Ergonomic design with well balanced handle & side-handle.
    ? Built-in LED light illuminates the work area.
    ? Belt clip for added convenience.
    ? Ingress protection rating : IP56.
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    Motor : 18 Voltage
    Chuck capacity : 1/2" (13mm)
    No load speed : (L) : 0~500 rpm (H) : 0~2,000 rpm
    Speed adjustment range :
    (L) 250~500 rpm (Speed adjustment in 25rpm)
    (H) 600~2,000 rpm (Speed adjustment in 100rpm)
    Blow per minute : 0~30,000 bpm
    Torque clutch adjustment : 20+1+1 (Hammer + Screwdriver)
    Max torque : 125 Nm
    Drilling capacity in wood : 1-5/8" (38mm)
    Drilling capacity in steel : 1/2" (13mm)
    Drilling capacity in masonry: 1/2" (13mm)
    Battery model No. : B188 (3.0Ah), B18B (4.0Ah), B18D (5.0Ah)
    Charger model No. : C189
    Net weight (w/o battery) : 1.66 kg (3.69 lbs)