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    18 Volt Cordless Power Tools

    20 Volt Li-Ion Brushless Impact Wrench
    ? High Torque
    ? Ultra compact the lightest weight 2.32kg (5.1lb) & 205mm (8.07in) the shortest length in the professional power tool field
    ? No friction loss and reduced heat production with longer runtime & lower power consumptions
    ? Intelligent IC controller protects over-heating, over-loading & over-charging
    ? Exquisite function designed by 4 modes in the widest applications included Hi / Mid / Low. “R Mode”controls fastener from the highest torque 1,900rpm slowing down to 500rpm once the fastener has been busted loose
    ? Larger buttons for easy operations
    ? Belt clipper designed easy to carry and hook
    ? Automatically stop running for over 5 minutes continuously working, prevents any unintentional contacts with electricity consumption & safety
    ? Ingress protection rating: IP56
    Motor : 18 Voltage
    Hex driver: 1/2" (12.7mm)
    No load speed : (L) 0~900 R.P.M. (M) 0~1,200 R.P.M. (H) 0~1,900 R.P.M. (R) 0~1,900/500 R.P.M.
    Max. torque : (L) 300 Nm (M) 600 Nm (H) 850Nm
    Breakaway torque: 1,100 Nm
    Impact per minute : (L) 0~1,200 I.P.M (M) 0~1,600 I.P.M. (H) 0~2,400 I.P.M
    Battery Model No. : B188 (3.0Ah), B18B (4.0Ah), B18D (5.0Ah)
    Charger Model No. : C189
    LED : Y
    Variable Switch : Y
    Forward / Reverse : Y
    Net weight (w/o battery) : 2.32 kg (5.1 lbs)